Attract More Women With This FREE Pheromone Spray!

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Dear friend who wants to be irresistible to women

It’s Troy Valance here, creator of ‘Secret Seduction Spray’

And I want to help you experience the kind of Sex-Life that is usually the privilege of the Good-Looking. Hollywood ‘A-Listers,’ amd the Uber-Rich.

The kind of Sex-Life where you:

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  • Create’Sexual Chemistry’ whenever you like (making ‘Sexual Frustration’ a thing of the past)
  • Can aatract practically any woman you desire (no matter how hot, sexy and beautiful she might be)
  • Have to turn down more women than you allow into your bed! (because your status is so HIGH that more women want you than you know what to do with)

And, I want you to know that you can enjoy exactly that kind of Sex-Life, even if you:

  • Don’t have Model Good Looks
  • Don’t have a Big C*ck
  • Don’t have much money
  • Don’t have the Height or Physique

Here’s the thing though..

The kind of Rock Star lifestyle I’m talking about – where you can practically attract ANY woman you like, whenever you like, can only be your reality if you use my:

‘Secret Seduction Spray’

And I’m willing to back up my words and send you a bottle for free, today while stocks last.

Allow me to explain:

Thousands-Upon-Thousands of Regular Guys Have Used ‘Secret Seduction Spray‘ to Become Irresistible to Women – Transforming Their Sex-Lives Into Something That Turns Their Friends Green with Envy!
Here’s what you’ll do when you get your Secret Seduction Spray:
Open the bottle – which I’m going to send you for FREE – and:Apply on your pulse points.That means:
– One to three sprays on your left wrist- One to three sprays on your right wristThat’s it.It’ll take you a couple seconds. Max.Then, you go interact with women as usual. Don’t change a thing.Don’t try and be ‘super-cool’ or suave. Don’t use
any fancy `Chat-Up Lines’ or `Pick-Up Routines.’
And, certainly don’t start any crazy diet or workoutprogram, or go out and buy a whole new wardrobe. It’s really not necessary!
Just be yourself.Be YOU.And watch what happens…You see, when you’re wearing Secret Seduction
Spray – on your neck and wrists (in the way I justexplained to you above) – Women are suddenly more eager to talk and flirt with you. Imagine women competing for YOUR attention, instead of the other way around!Women literally cannot help but notice YOU.
Here’s some of common things you’ll likely notice when you interact with women while you’re wearing Secret Seduction Spray [based on real feedback from real users]:

Women give you their full and undivided attention (even if you’ve just met them a few minutes ago in a bar, and both their girlfriends, and other guys, are trying to compete for their attention)
Women are way more ‘touchy feely’ with youOne of the pheromones in the Secret Seduction Spray (5-Alpha-Androstenone) creates an enhanced sense of well being, increased extroversion, emotional warmth, and a willingness to discuss sexually-charged memories. Enhanced sensory perception is the hallmark of Secret Seduction Spray.Women stop trying to ‘shit test you’ – and instead, they’re more up front and honest about their desires, and what they want from you
(For instance: last night I was in a bar. Got talking to a beautiful French girl. Within 20 minutes, she leaned in real close – her breasts pushing against me, her knee between my legs – and whispered, incredibly seductively in my ear “Troy, Are we going back to your place, or are youcoming back to mine?”)
Women stop rejecting you and saying “NO”
(seriously – when you’re wearing the Spray, women will feel a deep sense of ‘connection’ with you but won’t understand why)
Seduction Spray arms you with rock-solid confidence…It makes you ALPHA.
And, of course, when you wear it:

You attract more women (imagine the confidence this secret edge will give you as beautiful women are suddenly more eager to talk and flirt with you). Whether you’re looking for a potential girlfriend, trying to spice up and existing relationship, or just want a little short-term fun, the choice it entirely yours!
And, “YES” – Secret Seduction Spray will work on some RED-HOT chick you just met in a bar 10 minutes ago…
And, Yes – it will also work on your long-term girlfriend, or even your wife of 10, 15, 20 years or
more.And, perhaps best of all…
It could even even work on that girl who you’ve been wanting to ‘get close’ to for quite some time – who has never previously even given you the time of day (you know the one!)
FACT: When you wear Secret Seduction Spray, women will imagine going to BED with you. Period. Full Stop. The End.

The Science that Explains
How Secret Seduction Spray Works:
Right now, you’re probably thinking this all sounds INCREDIBLE.
And yet, another part of you might be very skeptical.
So, I think it’s about time I showed you exactly how Secret Seduction Spray works. From a Scientific point of view.
I’ll keep this as short as I can – without missing out any key details…


  • All men have Pheromones which are released in the air. These chemical messengers subconsciously communicate
    information to women about our physical state, genetic make up, and more. In other words, nature gives you them as a way to help you ATTRACT women (and vice versa. Women have Pheromones too)
  • However, not every man has Pheromones of equal quality (and, most men DESTROY their Pheromones every day, without even realizing it – by masking them with Toxic Colognes, and washing them away with harsh Soaps and other Grooming Products. A less than perfectly healthy diet doesn’t help either)
  • Whenever you see an average looking guy with an amazingly HOT woman – his ‘Secret Weapon’ is probably some really great Pheromones (though he probably doesn’t even realise it!)

To prove to yourself that Pheromones are ‘a real thing,’ consider this scenario:Have you ever found yourself INCREDIBLY attracted to a woman who ‘wasn’t your type?’
It’s happened to most of us at one point or another…
We end up ridiculously into some girl, and we just can’t quite put our finger on why. After all, she’s not what you usually go for ‘looks wise,’ or ‘personality wise.’
That’s Pheromones at work my friend.
In that particular scenario, what you’re experiencing
is a woman who has Pheromones that you simplycannot resist!
Now, let me ask you this:
If you could ENHANCE the quality of your Pheromones – would you do it?
I mean, the simple truth is:

ENHANCING the quality of your Pheromones CAN10X your success with women…Watch as women become more inclined to approach you, flirt more and openly express sexual suggestions…
…allowing you to experience the kind of wildly exciting sex-life that’s usually only enjoyed by men with Model Good Looks, Socialites, and the very VERY Wealthy.
Here’s the kicker…
All you have to do to experience that kind of sex-life -including UNLIMITED CHOICE, and UNLIMITED SEX with women – is to wear Secret Seduction Spray…
Just apply it on your neck and wrists…
And interact with women as usual.

It’s kinda like the ‘Red Pill’ from the Movie: The Matrix.
Once you wear Secret Seduction Spray – you get to experience WOMEN and SEX at the very highest level. The exact women you want. The precise sexual experiences you desire.
It gives you an advantage over all the other guys.
Not wearing Secret Seduction Spray is like taking ‘The Blue Pill’ in The Matrix.
Nothing changes.
You get to carry on watching porn, being
sexually frustrated, and wishing you had a
bigger dick, wishing you were taller… wishing
you were better looking… wishing you had
stacks of cash in the bank.
Ultimately, wishing you had the kind of STATUS necessary to attract and be with the women you desire

While stocks last, I’ll send you a FREE Sample Bottle of Secret Seduction Spray. You need to hurry though – because stock is extremely limited, and it’s going fast…

Here’s What to Do Next

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ll happily send you a Sample Bottle of Secret Seduction Spray, right now, today. For FREE. All I ask is that you help me cover the manufacturing and shipping costs ($7.95).Oh, and in case you’re wondering:

There Is No Catch!

I know there are many websites out there that offer you something cool, for FREE. But then they automatically add you into some ‘Continuity’ or ‘Membership’ Program that charges your card every month.

This Offer Is NOT Like That.

There is NO hidden ‘continuity program’ – and, in
case you’re wondering why I’m doing this…

Well, there are 3 key reasons actually:

  • #1 Because I’m on a mission to help at least 10 million men to enjoy way more success with women. And, Secret Seduction Spray is probably the quickest, easiest and most effective way for you – or any other guy – to ‘enjoy way more success with women’
  • #2 Because I realize the ‘Secret Seduction Spray is such a unique and unusual product that you may still be skeptical, and you may still be wondering if it really works – so giving you a `FREE Trial Bottle’ is my way of allowing you to see for yourself, that “YES,” it really DOES work – and really WILL get you laid like a Rock-Star (Without you having pay the usual price for-a bottle)
  • #3 Because I’m not stupid. You see, I know how powerful Secret Seduction Spray is – so I know that there’s a very strong chance you’ll want to buy it from me, time-and-time again, once you’ve used up your FREE Trial Bottle (let’s just call it me giving you ‘Results In Advance’: I give you a bottle for FREE. You see how POWERFULLY it works. You’re then happy to be my customer for a long to come. Works for us both)

Hurry The Clock’s Ticking…

I’ve only had a few hundred FREE Bottles of Secret Seduction Spray made. And, when they’re gone.. They’re gone..If you’re reading this page, it means the offer is still alive.
As soon as the FREE Bottles are all gone, the page will vanish – and so will your chance to try Secret Seduction Spray for free.
Click to Sign UpSmall Call to Action HeadlineSmall Call to Action HeadlineHere’s My “You’ve Gotta Be Mad Troy!” Guarantee…I 100% guarantee you’ll love how the Secret Seduction Spray gets you more attention from women – potentially giving you the kind of Rock-Star Sex Life most men would KILL to experience.
Now, in all honesty, that’s an EASY guarantee for me to make…
Because I know how powerful Secret Seduction Spray is (because I get emails from guys every single day, telling me about the incredible results they’re experiencing with women, since using the spray).
However, here’s the part of the guarantee that’ll make you think I’ve gone MAD:

If, for any reason, you aren’t satisfied with your FREE Bottle of Secret Seduction Spray, I’ll return your Shipping Fee. No questions asked.Think about for a second…
If Secret Seduction Spray didn’t work, and 1,000 men asked me for a REFUND – that’d cost me nearly 8 grand! (1,000 x $7.95 shipping fee = $7,950).
Therefore, given the numbers at stake, I’m sure you can see that I must have TOTAL FAITH in Secret Seduction Spray, and the RESULTS it can give you (otherwise I couldn’t possibly make this kind of guarantee to you, without risking a serious Financial Headache).
FACT: This Is A Limited Offer,So Claim Your FREE Bottle of Secret Seduction Spray Now, Before They’re all Gone… Click to Sign Up Small Call to Action HeadlineAnd, I’ll talk to you soon…
Your Wingman,

Troy ValanceCreator of Secret Seduction Spray
P.S. If you’re one of those people who just skip to the end of the letter, here’s what you need to know…

  • Secret Seduction Spray gives you much more powerful Pheromones. Making you complete and utterly irresistible to women (and getting you laid like a Rock-Star)
  • I’ll happily send you a FREE Bottle of Secret Seduction Spray… all you pay is $7.95 to cover the shipping costs
  • Supply is extremely limited, and this page could disappear before your very eyes, at ANY point time (being replaced with a ‘OFFER No Longer Available’ message instead)
  • There’s no catch, and no gimmicks (you won’t be signed up for any ‘Monthly Continuity’ or ‘Membership Site’ by taking advantage of this offer. You have my word on that)
  •  If you don’t love Secret Seduction Spray, I’ll even refund your shipping cost (seriously though – what guy in his right mind wouldn’t love being irresistible to women, and experiencing the kind of Wildly Exciting and Adventurous Sex-Life usually only enjoyed by the Rich and Famous?!)
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