Best Online Guitar Course – Killer Guitar Control Secrets

Want to improve your guitar playing skills without tedious guitar lessons or years of practice? Or perhaps you are simply just tired of playing the same stuff over and over again? Is there a product out there that can help you with your predicament?

Well, Killer Guitar Control Secrets claims to be exactly that product. Here is a detailed Killer Guitar Control Secrets review to help you decide whether or not it can make your dreams come true.

What is Killer Guitar Control Secrets?

Killer Guitar Control Secrets is a guitar-playing program designed by legend guitarist, Claude Johnson. The program comes in the form of an instructional DVD, and it seeks to teach guitarists how to play guitar better. It also aims to help guitarists gain better control over their guitar, and in doing so, help them hone their guitar skills further.

Claude Johnson has been teaching and playing guitar for more than 25 years. He has helped more than 4.3 million guitarists with his guitar programs, besides selling over 500,000 instructional DVDs in several countries in the world over.

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What is the course about?

Killer Guitar Control Secrets has 3 main components:

  • Essential technique: This is the most basic level of guitar playing. Here, Johnson seeks to teach you how to enhance your technique easily.
  • Fretboard knowledge: This part illustrates how the whole neck connects. Upon watching this part, you will comprehend how all the guitar notes blend into melodies. Here, Johnson promises to help you discover the secret to taking control of the fretboard.
  • Brain-to-Hand connection: It is tailored to help you to leverage your expressive capabilities and control when using your fingertips.

What is the goal of this course?

The program seeks to help any guitarist, whether beginner or experienced, to master crucial guitar playing skills. It is meant to assist you to become a guitar legend by revealing the fastest shortcuts to becoming a prolific guitarist.

Here is what is included in the instructional DVD:

Guitar playing secrets

This part features lots of guitar playing secrets, including mastering and perfecting the pentatonic scale, blending your rhythm with pentatonic scales, when to use pentatonic scales, and how to use the famous ‘Master Keys’ Rule to help you spend less time on your guitar

Apart from these secrets, the program also teaches you how to gain absolute control over your neck. You will be surprised at how easily you will be able to discover the right tones on the fretboard.

The cornerstones of improvisation

Here, you will learn and master the three major cornerstones of improvisation that are aimed at transforming you into a prolific guitarist. These cornerstones include the skills to focus on or to ignore guitar picking strategies and the specific tones on the fretboard.

Lead guitar tricks

Here, you will discover some cool tricks that guitar pros use, including a smart string-skipping secret to boost your playing movement, how to use the tapping technique to create new sounds, and the reason why Jimi Hendrix was one of the world’s best guitarist of all time

Guitar control

This section covers the specifics of mastering guitar control. Johnson reveals a wide array of techniques, strategies, and exercises that will give you unmatched prowess on the neck. Some of the guitar control insights covered in this section include the master patterns that will help you take control of the neck, using double stops to electrify your guitar playing skills, and fusing chords and scales to become a riff master.

Boost your shredding speed

This section of the Killer Guitar Control Secrets is meant to help you quickly master economy picking and alternate picking, boost your shredding speed from a slow speed to a blistering speed, and craft climactic solos and monster leads by using the scale sequences.

killer guitar control secrets

Who is it made for?

The program is designed with both seasoned and raw guitar players in mind. It is made to completely change the way you perceive playing the guitar. It is designed to open you up to completely new styles and opportunities that you never even knew existed.

How can you join Killer Guitar Control Secrets?

Anyone can sign up for Killer Guitar Control Secrets. All you have to do is log on to their official website and make your purchase. Once you buy it, you will gain instant access to it once your order has been processed.


When you purchase Killer Guitar Control Secrets from Johnson Claude’s official website, you will only pay $59. On average, the retail price for this program from other sources is $69.

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  • It emphasizes the brain-to-hand connection, helping you play like a pro without learning and memorizing a bunch of guitar playing techniques.
  • Quite affordable compared to the costly music lessons that hardly bear any results
  • The 60-days guarantee offered on this course makes it risk-free to purchase. You are guaranteed of a hassle-free refund should the techniques and tricks in the program fail to work for you
  • The program is ideal for almost all types of music genres ranging from jazz, blues metal country to rock
  • With Killer Guitar Control Secrets, you don’t have to take boring music lessons or understand any music theory to perfect your guitar playing skills


  • It is especially suitable for intermediate players. Players with little or no guitar playing experience will not find much use for it
  • It doesn’t produce tangible results immediately you start following the methods covered in the course. It takes time to master and perfect the techniques detailed in the course
  • The sheer amount of videos and information in this course can be overwhelming

Final Thoughts

Despite the few easily-overlooked downsides of Killer Guitar Control Secrets, the instructional DVD can do a lot to help you play classic leads and solos. The best part is that it is not some generic product because it was created by someone with a rich musical and guitar playing background.

This is why I believe Killer Guitar Control Secrets is ultimately an excellent fit for anyone seeking to take their playing to the next level.

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