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If you want to put the spotlight on an individual during your Microsoft Team meetings, look out for an update that’s rolling out to everyone. Microsoft is introducing a new spotlight feature that makes it easier to highlight an important speaker.

You can see how this new feature works via a YouTube video made by Mike Tholfsen. While this feature was announced back in August 2020, it’s only just rolling out now.

To use the feature in a meeting, you need to have Presenter privileges. Once you do, you can “put the spotlight” on anyone in the call.

When someone receives a spotlight, their camera feed is prioritized over all others. This is useful when someone wants to give a talk, present data, or act as the main host.

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Microsoft Teams already has a similar feature, which allows you to pin a feed to the front. However, pinning only changes what you see; nobody else sees your pins. As such, it’s only useful if you personally want to focus on a specific feed.

In comparison, spotlighting is a meeting-wide feature. When someone is spotlighted, that person’s feed becomes the primary focus for everyone in the meeting.

This update is Microsoft’s efforts to make Teams the best service in a post-pandemic remote working world. Recently, the company implemented automatic transcription into Microsoft Teams, which sped up how businesses carry out meetings.

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Microsoft is updating Teams to be the best service for remote workers, and this new spotlight feature is a step in the right direction. If you use Teams a lot, keep your eyes on Microsoft as the company continues to enhance the service.

With the world moving toward a fully-digital workspace, Microsoft is adapting teams to accommodate huge participant numbers. Recently, the company increased the maximum participant limit to 20,000 people.

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Source: You Can Now Spotlight People in Microsoft Teams | MakeUseOf

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